Eight being amnesiac and adorable <3 Literal angel baby Eight, complete with halo Did I mention GORGEOUS?!?! No matter how old he gets, Eight is always a sweetheart

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an eighth doctor fansite
from "who am I?" to "physician, heal thyself"

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You are viewing Absentia, a fansite about the Eighth Doctor (Doctor Who). From his introduction in 1996 amid Doctor Who's "wilderness years" to his surprise appearance in the 50th anniversary prequel, there are many Eighth Doctor adventures, and yet most DW fans do not know much of him at all. Thus, I have created this site to showcase him.

Who am I, by the way?
(Pun not intended)

I am a fan who discovered the Eighth Doctor 19 years after his first appearance; I was decidedly not a Doctor Who fan before, because none of the Doctors really appealed to me despite years of trying to get into the fandom. Then, I saw the 1996 TV movie, and Eight promptly ran off with my heart. ♥


May 12, 2017

A lot has happened in my real life that has stopped me from posting updates here (see this post for more information), but I have added two new things:

Also, keep your eyes peeled for more edits around the site--sometimes I forget to update the index page, LOL!

Other New Additions:

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The Last Centurion - Rory Williams by Anise ...become one?