Eight being amnesiac and adorable <3 Literal angel baby Eight, complete with halo Did I mention GORGEOUS?!?! No matter how old he gets, Eight is always a sweetheart

a b  s   e    n     t      i       a

an eighth doctor fansite
from "who am I?" to "physician, heal thyself"

all about eight

Ah, the heart of the site! Here is where you will learn all the details about my favorite Doctor (and why he's my favorite). Warning: much fangirling ahead!

Eight's Beginning: The TV Movie
in which I wax poetic about this surprisingly good movie that everyone hates because of hearsay

Eight in Comics, Books, and Audios
YAY RESEARCH! because I'm a terrible fan and haven't read/listened for myself

A Bittersweet but Triumphant End: The Night of the Doctor
in which I went through several boxes of Kleenex trying to write this... ;_; my poor sweet baby Eight! gaaaaah

Character Study: Eighth Doctor
*flailing around* ... *squealing* ... *more flailing*

Eight's Companions
beginning with Dr. Grace "I Turned Down the Kindest (and Hottest) Man in the Universe" Holloway

The (Wonderful) Actor: Paul McGann
IMDB research + Tumblr blathering + fangirling