Eight being amnesiac and adorable <3 Literal angel baby Eight, complete with halo Did I mention GORGEOUS?!?! No matter how old he gets, Eight is always a sweetheart

a b  s   e    n     t      i       a

an eighth doctor fansite
from "who am I?" to "physician, heal thyself"

collected essays

In this section, I'll go into some depth about the various parts of Eight's character arc, as well as exploring what the TV Movie does well (and what it honestly fails on). Some personal anecdotes about the fandom and a couple of wacky theories will also appear here.

How I Became a Fan
in which this redneck hooted and shouted advice at her TV screen

Problems with the TV Movie
because even though I like the film, I am keenly aware of some problems

Why the TV Movie Doesn't Suck
*shakes fist and bangs cane*

A Wacky Theory about the TV Movie
I promise this section is not completely about the TV Movie but I just have so many thoughts

The Phenomenon of "Eight Erasure"

PTSD, the Eighth Doctor, and Me
a strange and AWESOME introspective revelation

How Night of the Doctor Fits In with Day of the Doctor
my attempt at making Moffat-era Doctor Who canon make sense...pffffffft

More Beautiful Broken: Eight and the Art Form of Kintsugi
warning, get your Kleenex ready