Eight being amnesiac and adorable <3 Literal angel baby Eight, complete with halo Did I mention GORGEOUS?!?! No matter how old he gets, Eight is always a sweetheart

a b  s   e    n     t      i       a

an eighth doctor fansite
from "who am I?" to "physician, heal thyself"


For your viewing and listening pleasure (as well as your sense of humor), here are some additional media offerings to interest you!

What Being an Eighth Doctor Fan is Like
warning, lots of GIFs, but I have sat here and howled laughing at the accuracy of this for the last hour

Eighth Doctor Dreams
my slumbering brain's random adventures with Eight

Eighth Doctor Fanmixes
why no I don't listen to these songs while staring dreamily into space, why do you ask?

Today, I am the Eighth Doctor. FML
Because let's face it, our precious fluffy baby Eight has a rough go of it...

Image Gallery
including the fandom's favorite, "Pissed-Off-Train-Conductor Eight"