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a b  s   e    n     t      i       a

an eighth doctor fansite
from "who am I?" to "physician, heal thyself"


About the Name

This site is called Absentia primarily because the Eighth Doctor begins his "life" in a state of amnesia, having no memories, and the writers for Big Finish come back to the "losing-memories" trope a few more times during the Eighth Doctor audiodramas. Eight forgets who he is a LOT, bless his precious cinnamon-roll heart.

Also, in terms of the Doctor Who fandom, many fans of the show do not acknowledge Eight, or largely ignore his part of the DW narrative, because of the widely disparaged TV movie. Thus, the Eighth Doctor is almost like "The Doctor in absentia" for them (even though that is an unfair judgment, in my humble opinion).

About the Design

This site's design pulls its colors from the Edwardian-esque costume Eight wears in the TV movie--a long, deep green coat, white shirt, pearl-gray waistcoat, grayish-tan trousers and cravat, etc. (It's literally a New Year's Eve costume, by the way, "borrowed" from one of the orderlies in the hospital where Eight awakens, because all he's got to wear is a couple bedsheets otherwise. Not that us Eight fangirls minded)

As for the other design choices, I knew I wanted to feature actual pictures of Eight from the TV movie and The Night of the Doctor prequel, but I couldn't decide which picture to use! Thus, I implemented an image rotation script (first debuted here) to feature them all. The rest of the site is simply styled, with a subtle background pattern, a handmade "twining-vine" motif in the header, and a one-column organization to let the pictures and written content speak for themselves.

Other Great Eight-Related Sites

In alphabetical order. Note: All of these are on Tumblr because this is where I got into the Eighth Doctor fandom.

Fan Art of All Sorts

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